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Collaborate with tjmullenpresents

With Windows 8.1 released and Windows Phone 8.1 just around the corner, I would like to invite you to collaborate with tjmullenpresents on your next project.

Do you have an idea for an app?
Do you need help getting an app that you are working on into the marketplace?
Or do you just need help on where to start?

If you have answered any one of these with a "yes", then just connect with me on LinkedIn and we can see what we can do together. Just click the LinkedIn icon at the top of any one of the pages on this site to connect with me today.

Outsourcing Hurts the Economy

Do NOT call or email if you are an outsourced company

If you are an offshore company or work directly for an offshore company attempting to contact me for placement, you are going to be ignored. I do not support outsourcing American Jobs for placement of American positions. I also do not support "staff augmentation" or any American company that participates in this practice that is hurting the American economy.

President Barak Obama is wrong in allowing American Engineer positions to be taken by relaxing the immigration policy and making it nearly impossible for Americans with college educations to compete with immigrants who send back as little as $3,500.00 back to their family in India while it costs nearly $35,000.00 to support the same family in the U.S. If the president and congress want to legitimately open the doors, then do something about the cost of living here by adjusting the value of the dollar to match the rest of the world. Only then will we be a global competitor again.

So, to repeat, if you cannot speak fluent English, do not call my cell phone nor fill my email with leads on jobs that don't even match my qualifications because you did not take the time to read my resume beacuse you were looking for volume rather than quality leads.

Seeking Linkshare Advertisers

With the upcoming release of the first app utilizing the MAPS product engine, we are looking for new advertisers who have a Linkshare Merchandiser feed that would like a native app on the Windows Phone and Windows 8 platform. MAPS, or Mobile Advertising & Products Showcase takes merchandiser feeds along with applicable data feeds and creates a native Windows Phone and Windows 8 App experience driving customers to your website for sales.

We have driven thousands of dollars in sales to other advertisers such as with Surprise for Windows Phone and Windows 8 and Travel Spot for Windows Phone. With the new engine release, we can work directly with you to provide the best possible mobile solution with the fastest growing mobile platform.

If you would like to work directly with us prior to release of an app to customize the look and feel, contact us for a presentation.

KickWatcher for Windows Phone

Kickstarter App for Windows Phone (Unofficial)

With no official Kickstarter app for Windows Phone, monitoring your favorite projects on your Windows Phone required you to pin the web page on your start screen and keep checking it periodically. What a hassle!

Soon to be released, KickWatcher for Windows Phone is a universal app that you can interact with Kickstarter from the convenience of your phone.


  • Browse Kickstarter categories
  • See the top 20 staff picks for the selected category or main site
  • Search by title keyword
  • See full item list in each category
  • View a project's details
  • Pin a project to your start screen
  • When granted access to run in the background, KickWatcher will monitor your pinned projects hourly and notify you when they have reached their goal with a notification
  • View project details, comments, and updates
  • Watch project videos

With KickWatcher for Windows Phone, you can see the latest and greatest ideas in technology; participate in helping talented individuals bring their crafts to screen, stage, or canvas; and best of all, you will now be able to do it with your Windows Phone!

Based on feedback received for the Windows Phone version, a planned Windows 8.1 (and subsequently Windows 10) companion will be released bringing all of your devices the power to watch your favorite Kickstarter projects across all platforms.

What will YOU watch with KickWatcher?

Surprise for Windows Phone

Have you ever forgotten that gift you were supposed to get for a loved one? Do you dread trying to decide on what to get that person or think it would take too long to come up with an idea?

Never fear with Surprise, the App for Windows Phone. Get personalized ideas based on criteria you provide regarding the person receiving the gift and Surprise will give you a list of items and links on where to find them. You can use this list to purchase the items or just get ideas for gifts that you might not have thought of giving. Save time and avoid frustration next time you have to give a gift for the holidays with Surprise, the App for Windows Phone.

Powered by, you can always find something new with Surprise, the App for Windows Phone.

Updated in Version 1.2:
- Search Sorting
- Father's Day for 2013 added
- Minor Cosmetic Changes
- Visit site button on details page instead of small hyperlink

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